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Support your local independent retailers

We wholeheartedly advocate for purchasing our produce from these exceptional local independent shops rather than opting for online purchases, whenever possible. We highly recommend reaching out to them in advance to place your order, ensuring availability and avoiding any potential disappointment.

Dedication. Expertise. Passion.

Supporting local independent retailers of fresh produce isn't just about buying food; it's about investing in the heart of our communities. When you choose to shop locally, you not only gain access to the freshest and most flavourful fruits, vegetables, and other goods, but you also support the livelihoods of hardworking farmers and producers who pour their passion into every product.

These independent retailers offer a personal touch, often sourcing directly from nearby farms and artisans, which means you get a taste of authenticity with every purchase. Additionally, by reducing the distance food travels from farm to table, you're minimising your carbon footprint and contributing to a more sustainable food system. Let's embrace the charm and character of our local independent retailers and nourish both our bodies and our communities in the process.

natural choice
Dudley and georges
tatws trading
cheese deli
poyntons old colwyn
poyntons llandudno
health food
m hughes and sons
the vale grocer
y ty gwyrdd
siop y pentre
deli on the hill
haus coffee
joleen meadows farm shop

Work with us!

Any business with a food hygeine rating, space in a fridge and regular opening hours can be a Stockist or Collection Point. Contact us for more info on our risk free, zero commitment trial opportunity!

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fresh and tasty microgreen bags
fresh and tasty micro radish- rambo

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