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Our process

We take great care growing our microgreens and we are immensely proud of the quality of our produce nurtured in our purpose built growing room where the temperature and humidity are precisely controlled to ensure consistent top quality.  We have strict hygiene processes, growing & watering schedules and we're committed to harvesting and delivering within 24 hours.  Stored correctly, the shelf life of our microgreens will amaze you - no more green sludge at the bottom of the pack after 2 days from a supermarket!

Growing to order - In an effort to tackle waste we have decided that growing to order is the best policy.  Microgreens typically take 10 - 14 days to grow, growing speculatively on the off chance that our produce might sell doesn't feel right for us with the potential for so much waste.  There may be a bit of a wait to add you on to our growing cycle, but once we know we have a regular customer we can meet your requirements every week.

Our microgreens are available in small / large packs / live whole trays to extend their shelf life and harvest to order.  Care sheet and phone support available for live tray orders to make the most of your microgreens.

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