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How we started growing microgreens

steve holland laura holland fresh and tasty microfreens owners

Hello! I'm Steve, tech geek, engineer and fixer, Laura my wife is very creative with an aptitude for research and problem solving, we've made a pretty good team raising our family for the last 15 years, we're hoping this continues in the new chapter of our lives, running a small business together.

We have been growing own food for many, many years.  Our ultimate ambition is to be completely self sufficient and so far we have mastered the most important things....growing vegetables, brewing wine & beer!  We've even turned the vegetables in to wine, but that's another story! Jokes aside, our self sufficiency journey has also led us to become chicken keepers for eggs and solar powered. We're passionate about playing our part for the planet, however small and reducing our carbon footprint. We are absolutely fascinated by soil biology, eco systems and permaculture and are working our way through learning the principles and seeing if we can add our own "techy" twist!

We stumbled upon microgreens during lockdown, we love growing food on our allotment but it's soooooo slow! We have a small hydroponic system in our greenhouse so we know, given the right conditions, you can grow an astonishing amount of food in a small space with very little impact on the environment. Enter microgreens, WOW they are fast! From the first tray we grew we were absolutely hooked.  We ordered more and more seeds in different varieties and pretty soon we were growing far too much.  We started giving them away to family and friends who loved them just as much as we did and they said, why aren't you selling them??

Can we? What's involved?  We hadn't even considered selling them but after lots of research, here we are, fully insured, all of the necessary certificates and registrations, going for it and we absolutely love it!  


We haven't given up the day jobs! So we may take a little time responding to messages during the day, be rest assured we'll get back to you in the evening!

Cheers for reading!


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