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5th March 2024 - The White Horse - Cilcain

Experience the Elegance of Wales: A Unique Theme Night Invitation

In the heart of Cilcain, a special event emerges each year, capturing the essence of tradition and the excitement of a unique culinary journey.

An Elevated Celebration

Diving deep into the heart of Welsh tradition, this year's theme night promises an extra layer of sophistication and charm. With a commitment to authenticity and excellence, the evening will feature an array of dishes that go beyond the ordinary, offering a taste of Wales like never before.

By partnering with top-notch Welsh suppliers, the event will showcase a selection of ingredients and flavours that pay homage to the rich culinary heritage of Wales. And, in a bid to elevate the experience even further, the Chefs promise a touch of elegance that will make the night truly special.

Need-to-Know Details

Date and Time: The celebration is set for Tuesday, 5th March, beginning at 6:30 PM.

Pricing: Attendance is priced at £40 per person.

Reservations: To secure your place at this exclusive event, a £20 deposit per person is required at the time of booking. Attendees are encouraged to communicate any allergies or dietary requirements to ensure a seamless dining experience.

Seating: Currently, only tables for groups of four or more are available, with all tables for two fully booked due to high demand.

Dietary Options: Gluten-free and vegetarian options will be offered, although it's important to note that vegan dietary needs cannot be accommodated with this particular menu.

A Word of Thanks

The White Horse Cilcain extend their deepest gratitude for the continued support and enthusiasm from the community. It's this spirit of togetherness and shared excitement that makes events like this possible and all the more special.


The White Horse Cilcain




01352 740142

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