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Welsh Produce of the Year (2024 Finalist, 2023 Highly Commended) & Outstanding Restaurant Supplier of the Year (2023 Finalist) 

Shops that sell Microgreens - Contacting to pre-order is recommended - Tatws Trading, Llandudno. The Natural Choice - Rhos on Sea. The Grate Cheese Deli, Colwyn Bay. Health and Food - Llanrwst. Dudley & George's, Llandudno, Poyntons - Old Colwyn & LlandudnoPorters Delicatessen - Llangollen, M Hughes & Sons - Mochdre, The Vale Grocer - Denbigh, Y Ty Gwyrdd - Denbigh, Siop y Pentre - Llanfair Talhaiarn, Deli on the hill - Prestatyn, Joleen Meadows Farm Shop - Holywell or Order online and book a pick up at Haus Coffee, Colwyn Bay. 


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fresh and tasty micro broccoli


Add a burst of flavour and nutrition to your dishes with Fresh & Tasty Microgreens! 

Pesticide-free produce

Our microgreens are grown in a controlled environment, meaning there is no need for pesticides. We only use peat-free, vegan friendly (supply permitting), organic compost and very little water and low energy heating and lighting.

Delicious flavour

Each variety of our microgreens offers its own unique flavor, ranging from sweet to spicy. With our selection of different varieties, you can easily add a burst of flavor to your dishes - smoothies, salads, sandwiches & wraps - or garnish any dish for a high-class finish.


Our microgreens are harvested and delivered within 24 hours - ensuring maximum freshness so you can enjoy the best quality produce every time! 

Free delivery slots, North Wales Coast, Conwy to Holywell. Wrexham & Llangollen returning via Ruthin or Royal Mail Next Day Delivery. 

We are passionate about local, sustainable food production!

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fresh and tasty micro pea shoots


  • Microgreens are little vegetables or herbs usually harvested after 7-14 days

  • Nutrient dense, containing more vitamins and minerals by weight than their adult counterparts


  • Easily added to the dishes you already love! Put them in smoothies, salads, on sandwiches & wraps or garnish any dish for a high class restaurant finish!


  • Delicious, concentrated flavours - sweet, nutty, earthy or spicy depending on the variety

Watch Video

Watch video to discover the unique health benefits of Microgreens!

fresh and tasty micro radish- rambo

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