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Delivery within 5 miles of Old Colwyn / Pick up point at Haus Coffee, Colwyn Bay
Buy in store - Tatws Trading, Llandudno. The Natural Choice - Rhos on Sea
The Grate Cheese Deli
, Colwyn Bay. Health and Food - Llanrwst


About Us

We are passionate about local, sustainable food production!

Our microgreens are grown in a controlled environment meaning we have no need for pesticides.  We use peat free, vegan friendly (supply permitting), organic compost very little water and our power source is from 100% renewable energy.

Our crops are harvested and delivered within 24 hours meaning you have the freshest produce, delivered in compostable VegWare bags or recyclable boxes - container swap option also available.


Further away? Message us!


  • Microgreens are little vegetables or herbs usually harvested after 7-14 days

  • Nutrient dense, containing more vitamins and minerals by weight than their adult counterparts


  • Easily added to the dishes you already love! Put them in smoothies, salads, on sandwiches & wraps or garnish any dish for a high class restaurant finish!


  • Delicious, concentrated flavours - sweet, nutty, earthy or spicy depending on the variety

Watch Video

Watch video to discover the unique health benefits of Microgreens!


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